Sarasvi means water, the source of life. When we were deciding our brand name, we wanted the essence of our values like purity, simplicity, and honesty to reflect in that name, hence, Sarasvi.

How did it all start:

Sarasvi started in 2017 to find farmers and producers who were growing and processing their food in the traditional way, without chemicals, and bring that pure food to families like ours, who want to feed their children poison-free food.

We used to come across videos of farmers injecting crops with Oxytocin and other chemicals. We have personally witnessed fresh vegetables being dipped in green industrial dye in local mandis to make them appear greener and brighter. A pouch of carbide emerging out of a box of mangoes, fat being sold as ghee, and we just couldn’t find pure oil, every brand was selling only Refined oil.

I travelled across the country to meet farmers and understand the process of growing food organically. This journey was an eye-opener and taught me how the rampant use of chemical pesticides and modern ways of farming and processing is not only a leading cause of many ailments but also has an alarming effect on the environment.

Our Quality Process

We have our dedicated team of Certified farmers developed over last 4 years. Each a specialist in what he grows and situated in the region best known for its produce. Ex: Alphonso from Ratnagiri, Vegetables and Apples from Himachal, Pulses and grains from UP, Rice from Punjab, and so on.

We get our produce lab-tested regularly in government-approved labs to keep a check on farming practices when we are not around.

We mentor farmers to take up organic farming practices and adopt the best indigenous and global practices in the field of organic farming with close monitoring

We also encourage and support farmers to grow traditional varieties of the food that are slowly getting eliminated from our plates.

What we offer & plan to offer

We have started work on our own 7.5-acre farm, around 25 kms from Gurgaon, to grow seasonal veggies and grains.

We offer the entire range of Organic food starting from vegetables, fruits, groceries, oils, ghee, bakery products, tea and a whole lot of products, all best in class and reasonably priced.

We are a one stop shop for all your kitchen requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be able to reach maximum households in the NCR region and provide a stable and regular income to our farmers.


Our vision is to be the most trusted brand of Organic food.